Rapid Response Fund

Rogers Park Community Response Team operates in a mutual aid model. The volunteer-led group is based on neighbors supporting neighbors with no restrictions or expectations on any aid we facilitate in the community.

If you have the resources, please help our work by donating on VENMO to @RPCRT-Support

Please email [email protected] if you would like to support RPCRT financially in a method other than Venmo. We greatly appreciate any support you can provide and are happy to work with you on a preferred method.

We work with other partners in Rogers Park to ensure that callers to the RPCRT hotline are being served by the most relevant and prepared source possible. Where sources of needed aid are not readily available, RPCRT volunteers will work to supply this directly to the caller (such as toilet paper, hot meals, or children’s clothing).

RPCRT has a rapid response fund that is used to cover these expenses, with all funds going directly into the community. All goods purchased by RPCRT are locally sourced when possible. Please note that any financial support is not tax deductible but RPCRT keeps transparent records of all expenses.