Health & Healthcare

Please refer to the COVID-19 page on this site for information about the coronavirus and resources for assessing your symptoms. UIC has created a variety of flyers and resources on COVID-19, including a decision tree if you’re exhibiting symptoms.

If you would like to receive a daily well-being phone call from a Rogers Park Community Response Team volunteer, contact us at 773-831-7668 or [email protected]

Testing for COVID-19

Congress passed a federal bill to expand testing for COVID-19. As Illinois acquires more testing materials and grows its testing capacity, it will become easier for people to access testing. The state has implemented guidelines that now longer require a person exhibiting symptoms have a doctor’s order to access a test and those who are not insured or under-insured will not be turned away for testing.

The closest testing facilities for Rogers Park residents are Heartland Health (1300 W. Devon),  Swedish Covenant (5140 N. California), Howard Brown Health (6500 N. Clark), and St. Francis Hospital in Evanston at 355 Ridge Ave.

For a full list of sites testing in the State of Illinois, visit the Illinois Department of Public Health’s website here

Accessing Healthcare 

For all medical providers listed below: call first, tell the operator or receptionist that you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, and would like to be evaluated over the phone. Do not go to a community health center or your regular doctor’s office without calling first.

Uninsured and low / no-income residents who need non-emergency medical services should locate their nearest community health center (CHC) at CHCs receive funding from the federal government that allows them to charge each patient on a sliding scale fee based on the patient’s income and ability to pay.

Community Health Centers in Rogers Park include:

If you have insurance and believe you need non-emergency medical services, you can contact your insurance carrier to help locate care or to use a telemedicine service like Teledoc. If you have misplaced your insurance card, your employer’s benefits manager (usually human resources department) can provide you with the contact information.

Pharmacy Delivery in Rogers Park

  • Devon Discount Pharmacy: free delivery service and payment can be managed over the phone with a credit card
    • Address: 1542 W. Devon
    • Phone: 773-465-8688
  • Walgreens: free delivery service is available from 1 – 8 PM but credit card payment has to be made with a computer or phone app
    • Address: 7410 N. Clark
    • Phone: 773-743-6784
  • CVS: free delivery is available through USPS (may take 1-3 days) and requires an on-file credit card which can be taken over the phone 
    • Address: 6510 N. Sheridan 
    • Phone: 773-338-4384